The benefits of riding a bike

Mobility is one of the most important aspects of life in the city and bicycling can make the difference.

In recent years, population growth has led to an exponential increase in the number of cars that roll daily on the streets, contributing to traffic jams. Because of this, a bike is an economical and eco-friendly option for transportation.

Urban development can reach critical points for cars. That is why riding a bike has it´s advantages:

  • It´s not expensive: While private and mass transportation users must pay fares, fuel, parking spaces and maintenance, those who ride a bike don´t have to spend a single penny.
  • It´s good for health: Daily exercise can reduces the potential risk of coronary and heart diseases.
  • Extensive network of bikeways: Bogota has 313 miles of roads designed for bikes. Find your route to get to work faster.

Finally, keep in mind that the traffic code requires that all people traveling by bicycle on public roads must wear a helmet at all times, and after 6 pm must wear reflective safety vest and lights for the other cyclists, drivers and pedestrians can see it in the distance.

Las ventajas de transportarse en bicicleta


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