The chromotherapy and its secrets

Jun 15, 2014

Sometimes, when painting the walls of the apartment people just think about the design or the taste for a paint color. However, it is necessary to know that colors also affect energy and mood of the people. That is why Ospinas gives you a brief introduction to chromotherapy -or color therapy- which is an alternative medicine technique that works from specific properties acquired by colors in nature to improve various aspects of everyday life.

Each color is manifested as light waves vibrating at different frequencies and it affect, one way or another, the mind and body of those who perceive it. That is why hospitals often have a pale color on the walls, like green or blue, because soft tones attenuate energy.

Indeed, according to the chromotherapy , each color has a physical and mental property:

– Red: This tone has qualities that help the liver, circulation and rheumatism, among others. It is a stimulating color that helps to increase energy, used primarily with people who have a low mood. However, if you are exposed to this color for a long term or if you have a very strong presence of it, it can generate fatigue and even aggression.

– Blue: This, unlike the red, is a very serene and peaceful color. It helps to treat asthma or muscle pain and it is recommended for places where people usually do meditation or rest.

– Green: This color creates a sense of freshness and closeness to nature. Therefore, according to chromotherapy, it strengthens the eyesight, the blood pressure and it generates a feeling of rest.

– Yellow: This tone improves concentration and memory, and also helps to increase confidence and optimism. We recommend using this color for offices and studying rooms. Of course, in small doses. Some yellow flowers or a decoration will be enough to stimulate your brain. Yellow also helps to pancreas or intestine problems.

– Orange: This is an energetic color that stimulates the creativity and humor. On the other hand, it helps to deal with fatigue and respiratory problems. In general, it is a strong color that brings positive energy.

– Violet: As the blue does, this color has the distinction of being gentle and quiet. It is widely used for intuition and relaxation. This color is recommended for treating mental or nervous disorders, such as jealousy.

And that´s it! You already know the effect that the colors have on the mental and physical aspects of people, based on the theory of the color. So think carefully before applying a dominant color in the room of the kids or in the studio, so you can be sure that the colors you use not only look pretty, but also can be useful in the long term.

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