The tourist home, a comfortable and relaxing option

A property near the ocean or the country side is a real estate investment that also improves your quality of life. Let us tell you why.

In hot or cold weather, depending on your preference, there are several options you can find in terms of a touristic home. Housing and / or apartments to relax are a good a real estate   investment option to enjoy at any time of the year, allowing you to escape the everyday life, without having to worry about vacancies and fees.

Tourist accommodation and quality of life

This type of housing will become like a second home, a place where you can feel comfortable and spend time with your loved ones; after all, it´s a space made ​​for you to enjoy and relax.

Colombia has all natural environments imaginable, so depending on your taste and activities, to invest in this type of property it´s important to be very clear on what kind of weather you like the most. For example, if you are someone who prefers warm natural surroundings, listen to the sea and a refreshing dip in the pool with your children, your best option is the sea side. If you prefer a cooler climate and closeness to nature, choose somewhere closer to the mountains at the center of the country.

An option to invest

Ospinas develop projects for both tastes. Those who prefer the tranquility by the sea, h2 Condominum at Cartagena is positioned as a tourist option that combines housing sophistication and convenience, with the proximity to Bocagrande Square Mall and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It´s strategic location in the city and the quality of its architecture and unique design makes it a perfect investment for your and your family. Also, on the Caribbean coast specifically in Santa Marta, the Zazué Condominum project is about five minutes from the beach, also offering all the comforts and opportunities for relaxation and fun.

On the other hand, in cooler landscapes, close to Sopo, La Molina is a project with a spectacular view of nature, trees and mountains, which promises fresh evenings, nature walks, bike riding, tennis course, and other recreational options for you and your loved ones.

La vivienda turística una opción cómoda y relajante


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