Themed rooms, a trend in decoration

The room of your kids is a fun place where imagination flows. Decorate with a topic that they are passionate about will help unleash a world of creativity and fun into your real estate.

– Define the subject. Understand what excites your child, who would like to be? A pirate? A ballet dancer? An astronaut? To live in the jungle? the oceans? There are a variety of options.

– Decorating the walls. If the child wants to be on a boat, paint them with blue tones, like the sea. If it is a ballet room, you can go to the pink with gray. In any case, go for plain colors.

– Decals and stickers are your childs best friends. Trees, boats, animals, there are many ways that will help decorate the room, with the advantage of being easy to apply and remove. 

– Choose the furniture. The bed, the central element, is crucial in the decoration process. If your child loves pirates, turn the bed into a boat. Also, be creative and use other elements to help you enhance the effect. For example, if he or she likes the stars, paste glow in the dark stickers on the roof or.

– Set the tone for the room. Stuffed animals could be part of the decoration, so if your little one wants to be in the jungle, use animals as monkeys, snakes and birds. If, he loves astronauts go with rockets, stars and planets.

The curtains, carpet and lamps are the finishing touch. These elements can be mixed with the rest or be used as objects that stand out and play with the overall atmosphere.

 Follow the tips and transform your children's room into a magical world


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