Tips for a fireplace in your real estate

Spend a moment by the fire with your family on a cold night is priceless. However, there are many homes that do not have a fireplace. Ospinas tells you what are the things to keep in mind to set one up in your home.

– First of all, you should keep in mind that if you live in a building that is not suitable to have fireplaces, you can not install a real one. This is because all the chimneys are connected to a piping system that allows the smoke to go out. In such case, it you´d have to install a gas fireplace, which serve the same purpose, and they are easy to use and they don´t produce ashes or dirt.

This type of fireplaces are easy to install, so they can be an excellent choice.

– Where to place the chimney? If you want to install a fireplace in your real estate, you should think carefully about where to put it. It is usually installed in the living room. The space can´t be too small in order to prevent the smoke to remain inside.

Please note that once installed, this will remove some space because you can´t put furniture near it. Analyze very well the size It´ll have to make sure that there will be no problems.

The front part of the fireplace must be protected, especially if you have hard wood floors or a mat.

What materials should be used? It can be built with refractory bricks or masonry. The front can have multiple coatings, according to the overall decoration of your home (stone, wood, brick, etc.). Of course, keep in mind that the materials must be resistant to the heat and must have a fireproof insulation.

The flue pipe must project at least 60 centimeters above the roof. Therefore, choose carefully the fixed cap that will prevent the exterior of your real estate from any negative effects.

This output should also be at a safe distance from any object such as trees or other, thus preventing the smoke back in the house.

– Finally, if you have already made the decision and definitely want a fireplace, consult an expert on the subject that can advise and explain on the specific conditions that must be taken into account when setting up a fireplace in your real estate.

Build a fireplace in your home with the help of an expert.


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