Vertical Gardens: Construction trend

It is very important to have green areas in the city  for the inhabitants welfare, but sometimes there is not enough space or the suitable areas for planting trees. For this reason now days is very common to see the development and embellishment of the walls and ceilings of buildings and/or apartments with plants of all colors emerging from the walls, giving a beautiful green touch to the cityscape of cement an bricks.

Since Patrick Blank, the green walls inventor, made his first vertical garden, the concept and methodology has been repeated around the world, becoming a design and architecture trend. Today, is not peculiar to see hotels, shopping malls and even real estate with this kind of green decoration, inside and out of the new projects.

These walls decorated with vines, ferns and even aromatic plants, are excellent temperature regulators, creating a microclimate when they are indoors. Also, outside are an excellent aid to reduce the noise and air pollution.

However, and even when there are several vertical gardens in the cities, their implementation in the constructions is slow due to the high installation and maintenance cost, and the lack of studies with data that proves the benefits and justify the construction cost.

Nevertheless it is important to note this trend helps to relieve the grey and hard character of the cities, giving it fresh air, which gives welfare not only to the people, but also to an entire city.

Vertical Gardens: Construction trend


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