Visual and audio contamination: How can you avoid it?

Currently, environmental problems in cities are being analyzed from a different point of view compared to several years ago when global warming was the biggest concern. Today we can say that the concept of contamination has evolved and when we talk about this issue, we make a reference to the negative impact that a certain action or element can have on citizens’ quality of life. Ospinas explains which two types of contamination are the most harmful in big cities, and also gives some tips to help reduce their impact.

Acoustic or auditory contamination

– What is it?: The term “acoustic contamination” makes a reference to any type of noise, understanding it as an excessive or bothersome sound that is provoked by human activity and generates negative effects on people’s quality of life. Some of the main causes of this type of contamination are transport, industry, and construction of buildings and public projects.

– What can we do?: It is in our hands to reduce the impact generated by auditory contamination, for which Ospinas gives the following recommendations:

If your method of transport is by motorcycle, use a silencer in order to reduce the number of decibels.

Verify the status of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe because if it is damaged, the decibels will be greater.

Do not allow your pet’s barking to bother other individuals.

Lower the volume of music when you are driving your car or when you are having a social gathering in your house.

– Visual contamination

– What is it?: Where there is a rupture in the natural balance of landscape as a consequence of the abuse of certain elements that distort the aesthetic, this is a case of visual contamination. Some examples of this type of contamination are billboards, cables, antennas, and posts that without a doubt act as contaminating agents in cities. It should be noted that a city with visual contamination produces a feeling of abandonment and shows disrespect for public space.

– What can we do?: Without a doubt, we should promote the development of laws that totally or partially eliminate publicity announcements in public space, taking into account that these are the biggest cause of the deterioration of our big cities.

We can also help from home by avoiding hanging clothes in the windows.

Trash is also visual contamination. Throw trash away, avoiding leaving it in the streets.

Recommendations to reduce the impact of urban contamination.


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