What is an Intelligent building

More tan 50 years ago appeared the first computer and since then the innovation in this field has not stopped. Now it´s hard not to have a fast internet connection, to have a smartphone or a car that has an integrated system that let you know when it needs to be repair. However, technology goes further and it also benefit the urban development, which is reflected in the intelligent buildings.

Intelligent buildings are constructions that from planning have all their technological systems integrated on the design, positioning them as a perfect example of sustainable architecture. Indeed, the intelligent buildings use different kind of technologies to improve the communications, the security, to automate the processes and the energy supply systems. The objective of this kind of building is to optimize its use and functionality, and make them more friendly and effective for people who are in it.

How is this reflected in practice?

The security is demonstrated by the different access systems that help to monitor the people in the building, to open and close doors, and even to know where employees are inside de building (with a card for example).

On the other hand, there is an effective management of energy and water resources. The lights have sensors that are activated if there are people in the room, preventing to leave the lights on if is not necessary. The elevators also have a system that makes it use more efficient, depending on demand. Water consumption is also measured, with automated keys that help to save it considerably. The simple fact of provide the parking with red and green lights to see if there are free spaces, like Titán Plaza does, is also part of this kind of concept, helping users to locate in space.

The air system is automated to ensure optimum climatic conditions inside the building, and even the humidity control is considered.

At the end of the day, these buildings have a benefit for all people involved, from architects with the combination of design and technology; passing by the promoters of these constructions for the costs; to the property managers as they have more effective management systems. Even the end user will have a positive experience.1. edificios inteligentes


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