What is modular housing?

For years, we have been accustomed to the traditional construction process in which all materials used in a project should be transported to the same point in order to give life to a new architectural project. This process can last months and even years, considering that it is done by qualified labor force that must do construction manually.

Now, with the emergence of new technologies, we can talk about a new way to build buildings, called “Modular Construction.” Contrary to the process described above, this surprising technique assumes that the materials should not be transported to the lot or land where the building will be constructed, but rather it should be taken to a specialized factory where the new construction will take shape, to be transported later on trucks to the selected place where the parts will be assembled.

It is worth mentioning that a building of this nature cannot be considered within the category of mobile housing since once it is installed on the desired lot, it cannot be moved.

Without a doubt, modular housing has several advantages compared to a traditionally constructed building, which Ospinas explains as follows:

– Reduction in construction times: modular housing can be completed in a few weeks, not months like with traditional construction, considering that factors such as climate do not affect its assembly.

– Reduction in price: Building a modular house is more economical than doing it the traditional way, considering that there are fewer costs associated with the project, such as the use of fewer materials and qualified labor.

Thanks to Ospinas, discover the benefits of building modular housing.



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