What kind of kitchen would you like to have?

If you are about to buy a new house or if you are going to remodel your real estate, keep in mind that the kitchen is also a place that can be adapted to your needs, thanks to the different shapes they have. Keep always in mind the measures (length, width and height) to ensure that it fits perfectly. Before remodeling, Ospinas recommends you to permanently rely on the advice of an expert to ensure that everything will go well and avoid future headaches.

– Single-line kitchen. This kitchen is, perhaps, the most common. It is used especially for narrow but long spaces, covering one wall of the room, including the fridge.

– Single-line kitchen with an island. This design is for a bigger space and an open kitchen. Indeed, in these circumstances the kitchen is attached to one wall, but has an island in front of it, which can be used to cut food and optimize space. You can also use it as a table.

– L-shaped kitchen: Perfect for open spaces, using two of the three walls of the kitchen. Sometimes the form of ‘L’ also can be given by a counter that separates the kitchen and the dining room. This type of shape, gives a feeling of spaciousness, which is why it is recommended in small and medium spaces. Also, having it you can share with your family or guests while you are cooking.

– U-shaped kitchen: This is used in larger spaces, where the kitchen covers almost all of the walls. If the place is big enough you can even put an island in the middle which, this time, can be the cooking area, with their stoves. We recommend putting a hood in stainless steel to give a contemporary and industrial air, and to prevent odors throughout the house. Of course, try to have at least 1.20 meter of space, between the island and the rest of the kitchen, so you can move easily, even if there are several people.

– Kitchen in parallel: Mainly used for rectangular spaces that not allow to set a linear kitchen with an island or ‘U’ shaped. For the optimization of the space, the kitchen is installed on the longer walls parallel. Remember always to have at least 1.20 meters of space between. If you don’t have this space, it is not recommended to install this type of kitchen, so you can opt for a linear shape.

Finally, remember that there are three areas you must have in a kitchen, also called the ‘work triangle’. These are the area of preparation, cooking and storage, so you can have a fully functional kitchen. On the other hand, you also must have electrical outlets (always far from the dishwasher), as well as gas and water outlets.

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