What to consider when remodeling your home

Reshaping the real estate should be thought in advance.

Finding the home of your dreams is not easy and sometimes real estate deserves some modifications so it has the necessary spaces and amenities that everyone needs, even with the passing of time or new changes in the family, as the arrival of a baby. But starting the path of remodeling requires planning, time and savings. So Ospinas gives you some recommendations to consider.

1) Is it better to remodel or to buy a brand new home? The first thing to consider is whether it really worth modifying the real estate where you already live, or if ultimately is better to find a new one. Think very well in the space you have, how could you improve it and, above all, in the long term, if those spaces would still be enough, even with the arrival of a new family member, for example. If so, get ready mentally and economically, since the process can be long and difficult.

2) Don´t rush! Take the time to plan and decide what to change and how you will do it. Find ideas and think big. To find out if what you want to change is achievable, you better seek the advice of professionals on the subject. Note that there are certain things in the buildings that can not be changed. Also check if the wiring and piping should be updated, because sometimes that is more urgent than change the color of a wall. Therefore, it is better to prioritize the different steps of the work.

3) Costs. Remodeling can have very high costs, depending on what you want to do. It is also better to have a well defined budget so you can know its scope and you can consult in different places the total value of the construction budget. As these changes take some time, you should always have a budget for the unexpected. Remember that material prices are subject to increase or decrease in the market.

4) Time and pains. Once you have the price is important to get an estimate of time to finish the work. Note that during those weeks you will have people working at home, making noise and littering. If the remodeling you want to do is big, it may take several months and may be very invasive, so it is better to find a place to stay in between remodeling.

5) Make sure everything is regulated. In Colombia there are several restrictions and conditions in case you start a new project or remodel the real estate. Always tell the administration of the building, if you live in it. It is also important to know the minimum safety requirements, debris and environment impact, wich can be fined. For example, if you are modifying a facade, you should always have a tarp to protect passersby.

5. lo que debe tener en cuenta para remodelar

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