Working from home

Make your home a comfortable place to work.

There are an array of benefits of working from home, such as having your own schedule and avoiding traffic, nonetheless, you must have an especial space that ensure your comfort and concentration. Ospinas gives you some practical tips so you can feel comfortable and have a place created for your everyday work.

– An ideal place. If you are in your real estate, that place where you rest and share with your family, it is very important that you separate, talking about common areas, your office from the other rooms. It is recommended to be a separate room, no shared with your family, where you can do all your tasks in calm and without noises and constant interruptions. The objective is to help your concentration.

Try to have a window in your office, so you can place your desk beside it.

The colors of the walls shall be neutral and soft. Opt for cream colors.

– This is a very important factor, because thanks to it you will be able to work optimally, day and night. Therefore, it is recommended to have both, ceiling and desk lamps, for avoiding eye fatigue.

– You must have the minimum furniture to organize paperwork, books and other elements that you normally use. So, depending on the space, you must have shelves or a library.

Avoid to clutter up your office with decor and furniture. The more airy is the place, the less distraction you will have. Arrange the cables or any other elements that can disturb.

Desk and ergonomic chair: The comfort is key when you are working. Therefore it is recommended that your office has a desk designed for everyday work, and, even more important, a comfortable desk chair. Avoid to work in a kitchen chair or a sofa. You may be comfortable at the beginning, but in the long term this could give you some back pain, neck pain among others.

1. trabajar desde su hogar

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