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05 Feb 2016

Ideas to save and make use of space in every area of your property

With the correct use of space in your property you can generate an incredible feeling of spaciousness. This without a doubt will have a positive impact on the quality of life of your whole...


05 Feb 2016

Types of pools for your vacation home

Building a pool in your vacation home can be the ideal solution to your problems, since you can rest, relax, and exercise without leaving your home. If you are thinking of doing this,


14 Aug 2015

The chromotherapy and its secrets

Jun 15, 2014...


14 Aug 2015

Give a new look to your home with some painting

If you want to give your home a different look, you don´t need to do a big construction or to remodel your entire home, you can opt for painting the walls. This will make a...


14 Aug 2015

What to consider when remodeling your home

Reshaping the real estate should be thought in advance. ...


17 Jun 2015

Build and decorate your home thinking about the safety of your children

Keep your children safe from accidents at home. Ospinas tells you how to do it. ...