City: Bogotá
Zone: Occident


Ciudad: Bogotá

In 1992, Ospinas & Cía. created a master plan for the Centro Empresarial Metropolitano, which is comprised of 10 buildings on a 35,000m2 lot of land. Here, there is a concentration of high level business center activities, with offices, hotels, a convention center, and other business spaces.
In its first phase, Ospinas developed and constructed the Conavi and Suramericana buildings (1997) under the direction of the architect Daniel Bonilla, who incorporated elements of the latest technology in a design that stands out for its great technical and aesthetic quality. Both have a large first floor that welcomes visitors and walkers. The buildings are composed of a plaza, the first plaza being inside a designated open air space of 19,000m2 where the buildings are mixed with green spaces.
This project and the property where it is located, along the Avenida “El Dorado,” is part of the large Ciudad Salitre urban project that follows the general guidelines and provides this part of the city with an important business area.

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