Chicó Actual
City: Bogotá
Zone: North


City: Bogotá

The first and foremost stage in the district of El Chico ran from Carrera 7 to the Autopista Norte from east to west and from Calle 88 up to Calle 92 from north to south.

In 1957, the district of El Chico was completed, incorporating new elements of urbanism to transform the city and was presented as an opportunity to form a model of high-level development with a strict residential focus, which was guaranteed by municipal regulations that prevented houses from having more than two stories and from being used for reasons other than housing.

In El Chicó, Delfín Acosta posed a new hierarchy of roads and the presence of continuous green spaces from one end to the other of the routes. Brunner had utilized the concept of discontinuous or dead-end roads in the Bosque Izquierdo and the incorporation of parks proportional to the area of the designed lots.

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