Ciudad Verde – Orquídea
City: Bogotá
Zone: South


City: Bogotá
(2010 – 2012)

The Orquídea project is part of Ciudad Verde’s larger project, one of the initiatives to create more ambitious social housing in the country in recent years. This features 327 hectares of development area with more than 36,000 housing units within its limits. It is worth noting that 30% of the development area will be allocated to community facilities such as parks, schools, libraries, health clinics, police stations, and more. Additionally, it will have future access roads as the first order such as the extension of Avenue Ciudad de Cali and the Transmilenio route on the Southern highway in Soacha.

The 13,498 m² lot contains 23 towers with six stories each adding four housing units per story for a total of 552 homes and it was developed in two phases: the first with 12 towers (288 apartments) and the second with 11 towers (264 apartments). The project consists of 132 communal parking spaces and 98 spaces for visitors.

This project responds to the demand for social interest housing in Bogotá and especially in the municipality of Soacha within the highest standards of construction in compliance with current earthquake-resistant regulations and environmentally friendly.

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