Ciudad Verde – Sauco
City: Soacha
Zone: North


City: Soacha
(2012 – 2014)

Sauco, located in Soacha, is part of Ciudad Verde’s larger project, a lovely place surrounded by ample green spaces for the enjoyment of the whole family and complementary infrastructure such as schools, libraries, a supermarket, health clinics, a police station, and a shopping center.

Sauco is a residential complex composed of 17 6-story towers with 406 apartments in total, social lounges, BBQ area, 10 outdoor super circuit machines for adults, 10 indoor super circuit machines for children, bicycle racks, space for administration office, 102 parking spaces for residents and 34 for visitors.

Inside the 53 m2 apartments, you can enjoy comfortable sized bedrooms, bathrooms with natural light and ventilation, and a kitchen with beautiful finishes such as a stainless steel countertop, stove, dishwasher, upper and lower cabinets, with extractor and veneer floors.


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