Park Way
City: Bogotá
Zone: North


City: Bogotá
(1924 – 1934)

The architect Karl Brunner laid out the Park Way in La Soledad neighborhood in 1936 as part of his satellite city project. This project was conceived as a road leading from East to West, perpendicular to Avenida Cundinamarca or Carrera 30. Later, it was developed to go from North to South.
The term Park Way was introduced for the first time from the adoption of the project Bogotá Futura, according to Agreement 74 made in 1925. Park Way crosses the neighborhood La Soledad along Avenida Carrera 22. It has an ample green median with a walking path surrounded by tall trees and lots of different types of vegetation such as, oak, Manizales guayacan, chical, Japanese and black acacia, nazarene, eucalyptus, syzgium jambos, araucarias, and patula and monterrey pines, turning the area in a rich source of oxygen for the city.
Due to its layout, vegetation, and urban profile, Park Way is a peculiar, unique, dynamic, and enriching element for the public area of this sector.

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