Parque Central Bavaria
City: Bogotá
Zone: East


City: Bogotá

Ospinas & Cía. participates in the urban renovation of the project Parque Central Bavaria, which allows them to remain, informed and involved in the urban development of Bogotá.
Up until the year 1988, the urban renovation of Parque Central Bavaria was one of the most interesting innovations that had been done in the center of Bogotá. Not only did it enrich the public space by giving it a green area, but also uniquely distributed the space, situating offices and businesses on the first two floors and constructing living spaces above.
The whole compound benefits from the central green space which passes through the area, creating a pleasant walking path which extends from Carrera 13 to Avenida Caracas, as well as the small spaces around the compound which organize the project, and from the ample underground parking spaces.
The Parque Central Bavaria stands out from a heritage point of view by integrating old structures from the Cerveza Bavaria factory into the new compound.

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