Salitre Plaza
City: Bogotá
Zone: Occident


City: Bogotá

With the construction of Salitre Plaza, Ospinas & Cía. has confirmed its interest in and knowledge of this sector.

Salitre Plaza breaks the boundaries of development with this type of building, incorporating a huge compound that occupies an entire city block surrounded by important roads and commercial offers and services. Its configuration can be understood as introverted. This aspect is highlighted with a hermetic exterior that does not allow people to see what is inside, being only translucent at its ends where there are two large gardens functioning like greenhouses at the corners of this great space.

Salitre Plaza has become a benchmark for other shopping centers in Bogotá. With a constructed area of 85,482m2 and a commercial area of 33,435m2, visitors can browse through 298 businesses and stores, among which are 60 food establishments, movie theaters, a supermarket, and children’s play areas.

The mall has ample space, hallways with natural light on each and every floor, and a parking lot with a capacity for 1,207 vehicles.

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