Seminario Mayor
City: Bogotá
Zone: North


City: Bogotá
(1942 – 1946)

The design elaborated by the architect and engineer José María Montoya Valenzuela (1897-1977), who Monseños thanked years later saying, “He knew how to imagine with high artistic inspiration, a sumptuous factory, and with technical expertise, he knew how to execute it.”
The Seminario Mayor is one of the most emblematic works in Bogotá thanks to its architectural singularity and its geographic location. Of all the formal aspects of the Seminario, it should be noted that two of the elements which demanded the most attention within the compound were the chapel, whose reinforced concrete vaulted ceilings were constructed by the engineer Fausto Galante T., and its stained glass windows, made in the workshop of Walter Wolff.
One of the decisions that Montoya Valenzuela made in the design of the Seminario Mayor, which was quite interesting for the time, was the choosing of the romantic style for its façade.
This building was declared a national monument in 2005.

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