Titán Plaza Centro Empresarial
City: Bogotá
Zone: Occident


Titan Plaza Business Center is a cutting edge project with the best location in the country, on the corner of Avenida Boyacá and Calle 80. This major development will change the way you do business in Bogotá, and will greatly boost your company’s image due to its excellent location, design, and easy access.

Titan Plaza Business Center is one tower with 12 stories of approximately 14,500 m² of space. This project was designed to the highest international standards.

On the fourth floor of the shopping center, there is an open area called the Urban Oasis, where those located in the business tower can easily access the Oasis and shopping center which lead directly to the food court.

The business center is part of the Titan Plaza shopping center. This highlights the important array of services that those who are in the building have access to, as well as an exclusive commercial range located just steps away, making this project one of the most important icons of the city.

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A grandiose design!


The Titan Plaza Business Center has been constructed following a modern architectural design, which in addition to offering a greatly appealing style and appearance, has multiple advantages in technology, control, and security, such as:

  • Closed circuit television: coverage of all internal and external common areas.
  • Central control and security: receiving continuous information from a network of sensors and electronic devices.
  • Security system for goods and people: endorsed by international regulations and equipped with electronic security devices to protect the integrity of property and people.


ACI World Wide


Andi Asistencia

British American Tobacco Colombia


GE. General Electric

La Plaza de Andrés


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