Ventura Cartagena

The shopping center,that will be the biggest in the city, seeks to fulfil the demand of thousands of Cartagena citizens that need a new alternative of entertainment, business and fun. This project will impact in a positive way one of the main cities of Colombia, with urban development and area transformation for the community.

Located at La Castellana, exactly in Los Alpes neighbourhood, on La Cordialidad avenue and in front of Transcaribe's main station, the project will have 100.000 square meters of constructed area and will be developed under the theme based on sports.

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The project includes 9 floors; 4 of them are part of the shopping center in its first phase and 5 floors that will be for business in the further phase.

There will be 270 retail spaces, basement and parking building, Playland’s playground, 8 Cinépolis' cinemas, restaurants as Crepés & Waffles, leading brands as Arturo Calle, SAO grocerystore and the third DELIZIA in the country; following the success of this innovative gastronomic format in Bogotá, which recreates an experience based on models of gastronomic places of the continent’s cities.