Ventura Reservado
City: Cúcuta
Zone: Occident



City: Cúcuta

(2010 – 2014)


Ventura Reservado is a residential complex location in the city of Cucuta near the Ventura Plaza business and shopping center, making it the ideal place for a family to live and enjoy one of the best sectors of the capital of Northern Santander.

This innovative construction was carried out under the highest standards of environmental quality, urban renewal, and social investment. One of its differentiating values is its bioclimatic contribution in its architecture, which was achieved through a study of the most relevant climatic aspects of Cucuta.

Ventura Reservado is characterized by the location and orientation of its towers, which allows less solar radiation exposure to the façade to reduce increases in the building’s interior temperature. Also, this project used the most natural ventilation through a cross ventilation action which brings freshness to the social areas of the property. Similarly, the semi-basement is constructed in a space with an adequate level of natural ventilation that eliminates mechanical ventilation making the residential complex maintenance less expensive.

The Ventura Reservado project has social areas such as a pool, a Jacuzzi, a fitness center, a sauna, a BBQ area, and many others.

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