Zazué Condominio
City: Santa Marta
Zone: South


Zazué Condominium, is a place designed for your comfort. It has 225 apartments of 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms. 4 towers of 15 stories each. Penthouses in towers 1 and 2, parking and deposits. Constructed areas from 98 square meters to 250 square meters aproximately. Private areas from 89m2 to 235m2 approximately. The tower design allows natural lighting and ventilation for 3 sides.


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Zazué Condominium has 225 apartments with 1-, 2-, and 3- bedrooms, 4 towers with 15 stories each, penthouses in towers 1 and 2, and parking spaces and storage.


Floor space from approximately 98 m² up to 250 m². Living space from approximately 89 m² up to 235 m². The design of the tower allows for natural lighting and ventilation from three sides.

Outdoor social areas
  • Children’s pool
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Jacuzzis
  • BBQ Area
  • beach volleyball Zone
  • Zone playground
Club house
  • Fitness
  • Sauna
  • Meeting room


Head beach
  • air-conditioned room
  • Wetland
  • Lockers


Autopista Troncal del Caribe (Between Irotama and Zuana).
Business Office – Sunday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Telephone: (+575) 432 1800
Cellphone: (+57) 310 781 9885

Showroom Ospinas & Cia.
Calle 79b No. 5 – 81
Monday to Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Telephone: (+57 1) 326 7060 Ext. 149

Development progress March 2016

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Apartamentos con vista a la sierra

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 Torre 4


Apartamento A


Apartamento A


Apartamento B


Apartamento B


Apartamento B1


Apartamento B2


Apartamento C1


Apartamento C2


Apartamento D


Apartamento E


Apartamento F


Apartamento G


IMG_1494 IMG_1497 IMG_1502 IMG_1506 IMG_1511 IMG_1526 IMG_1531 terraza_tarde ph

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Development progress September de 2016

zazue condominio zazue condominio zazue condominio zazue condominio zazue condominio

Development progress June de 2016

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Development progress March 2016

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Development progress February 2016

P1100157 P1100158 P1100175 P1100176 P1100179 P1100182 P1100183 P1100184 P1100185 P1100186 P1100188 P1100189 P1100191 P1100192 P1100193 P1100194 P1100195

Development progress January 2016

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Development progress December 2015

ZAZ-E3-P1670-2015-12-02S ZAZ-E3-P1766-2015-12-02S ZAZ-E3-P2319-2015-12-21S

Development progress November 2015

ZAZ-E3-P1668-2015-10-19S ZAZ-E3-P1668-2015-11-04S ZAZ-E3-P2319-2015-11-04SZAZ-E3-P1669-2015-11-04S

Development progress October 2015

ZAZ-E3-P1666-2015-10-19S (1) ZAZ-E3-P1666-2015-10-19S ZAZ-E3-P1667-2015-10-19S ZAZ-E3-P1668-2015-10-01S ZAZ-E3-P1668-2015-10-26S ZAZ-E3-P1669-2015-10-01S ZAZ-E3-P1669-2015-10-19S ZAZ-E3-P1767-2015-10-16S ZAZ-E3-P1767-2015-10-19S

Development progress September 2015

ZAZ-E3-P1668-2015-09-22S ZAZ-E3-P1669-2015-09-22S ZAZ-E3-P1767-2015-09-22S

Development progress August  2015

aozazueagosto1 aozazueagosto2 aozazueagosto3 aozazueagosto4 aozazueagosto5

Development progress June  2015


Development progress May  2015


Development progress April  2015


Development progress March 2015


Development progress February  2015

aozazuefebrero3 aozazuefebrero4

Development progress January  2015

avance de obra enero 20151 avance de obra enero 20152