Post Sale Services

As an owner you can file a post-sale request for up to a year after the delivery of your property through:

1. Telephone:
Gabriel Morales
Telephone: 3267080, o 3267060 Ext. 226
Cell phone: +57 3502982489

2. E-mail:
gabriel.morales@ospinas.com.co servicioalcliente@ospinas.com.co

3. In person:
Calle 79 B N0 -5-81 piso 5, en Bogotá D.C.


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Legal note

In accordance with the Law 1581 (2012), which expressly authorizes Ospinas & Cía. to utilize and compile any given information; this will be used in the development of internal processes of the company such as sales, billing, portfolio, product and service information, promotions, activities, publicity, referral plans, surveys, and other ordinary activities of the company.

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servicioalclientecomercio@ospinas.com.co. Additionally, you can exercise your rights to know, act, rectify, and solicit the suppression of your personal data through the e-mail address provided.